Thursday, May 31, 2012

S P O T L I G H T   S O N G

Mmmm, this Butterfly song, had a lot of thought and changes over the last couple of years - I actually started off writing this song for my future wife with no one in sight at the time, ...well, honestly, that is how it started As I continued putting the song together, the picture shifted a little bit ... to be free and fly without any restrictions - we are born to be free, but we believe so much unnecessary stuff  which is imprinted into our lives, that we do not realize who we really are anymore. The metamorphoses of a caterpillar  into a butterfly, would want to bring us back to our identity in Christ and the freedom we already have!   So many times we cling to the old worm (form), not realizing that we restrict the dying process in order to end up becoming a beautiful butterfly - freely flying from flower to flower to enjoy life.  Then I ended up with 6 verses and it took some times to incorporate the ideas into only four verses. Jesus Christ, who lives inside of you, will make all the difference and create freedom within yourself!  Freedom always involves giving of yourself to others and they will return freedom to you!

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